Global electronics production equipment (chongqing) exhibition (2020)

Electronic industry is the most thorough field at present, globalization, marketization. Electronic manufacturing industry rapid......

Global touch and display (chongqing) exhibition (2020)

Chinese decision for the development of strategic emerging industries, "made in China 2025" will be on the development......

The second semiconductor and automotive intelligent snatched BBS

By electric, intelligent, snatched, sharing, lightweight "five new" standard requirements, to develop the intelligent snatched core automotive spare parts, as well as the traditional automobile body control system and the on-board electronic devices, to achieve the leap development of automotive and semicondu......

EDA BBS/IP design technology

As the first link in the field of chip design, EDA tools/IP design often requires years of training and validation, industry trends and design of real demand is very sensitive and tools and IP change and development, a direct impact on the chip industry development speed. This BBS will be widely invited guests to discu......

The semiconductor storage technology summit

The semiconductor storage technology summit is to provide the industry the latest data storage technology, innovation knowledge, the best place to attract a large number of domestic and foreign technical experts, developers, attending industry users. Data carrier and important attachments are stored, the future and dev......
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