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The latest, the United States has made huawei sale license

According to foreign media reports, the White House has issued a special permit and approval of some American companies with huawei do some business. But it is not about which companies obtain licenses.

Huawei in May this year by the United States after joining entity list controls, several us suppliers that share prices tumbling. Some U.S. companies to take various measures for compliance to continue supplying goods to huawei. Such as the memory chip maker micron briefly stop shipment to huawei, but you can list in the examined entity rules and determine legal back up, back to huawei to sell some products. , huawei was the first big customer, meguiar's light in the United States announced after recovery for sale in China, its share price has soared.

After, foreign media reported more than 130 companies to submit an application to the Commerce Department, hope to continue supplying goods to huawei.

On October 10, printed the founder, ren zhengfei, huawei's voice community for the United States "fortune" magazine interview minutes, ren zhengfei, once again, although huawei in fill "plane", but always firmly support for globalisation, never to counter "plane", just forget to globalization road to move on. "We are still waiting for the U.S. department of commerce approved, the manufacturers supply back to us."

In his view, if the government doesn't let to sell, the company will lose out. "American companies will be less each year billions and billions of orders, impact is bigger. So, the U.S. government released entities listing approval, is good for the company."

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