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Exhibition Area for Semiconductor Enterprises: semiconductor design, manufacturing, sealing, integrated circuit manufacturers, etc.

Exhibition Area for Semiconductor Materials: silicon wafers, mono-crystal silicon, silicon carbide (sic), silicon slice, silicon -germanium materials, S01 materials, solar cell silicon materials and compound semiconductor materials, electronic gases and specialty chemical gases, target materials, CMP polishing materials, packaging materials, quartz products, graphite products, anti-static materials, nanophase materials, lead frame, etc.

Exhibition Area for Semiconductor Equipment: semiconductor packaging equipment, semiconductor diffusion equipment, semiconductor welding equipment, semiconductor cleaning equipment, semiconductor test equipment, semiconductor refrigeration equipment, semiconductor oxidation equipment, semiconductor production and processing machinery and equipment, semiconductor production test instruments and equipment, mono-crystal furnace, oxidation furnace, ion implantation equipment, PVD and CVD lithography machine, etching machine, chamfering machine, thermal processing, coating equipment, etc.

Exhibition Area for Semiconductor Terminals and Discretes: integrated circuit applications and solutions, device products and applications technologies, IC and commercial information terminal applications, semiconductor discrete devices, power devices, sensors, RF devices, GaN devices, fast charging chips, USB data chips, etc.

Exhibition Area for Semiconductor Automotive Electronics: automotive semiconductors, MCU and IGBT modules, power semiconductors, power chips, automotive electronic components, automotive electronic test equipment, micro-nano and sensors, etc.

Exhibition Area for Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices: LPC optical separation device wafers, photoelectric integration chips, electronic light source, LED chips, LED devices, LED package and detection equipment, etc.

Exhibition Area for IC Design and Products: EDA technology applications, embedded systems, IC products and applications, IC test methods and test instruments, IC design and design tools, IC manufacturing and packaging.

Exhibition Area for Conventional Electronics: resistors, capacitors, filters, crystals, potential devices, connectors, relays, switching elements, instrumentation, detecting instruments, semiconductor valves, etc.

Exhibition Area for Others: science & technology/high-tech industrial parks and academic institutions, governments, agents, media, associations, purification enterprises, etc.

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